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Safe Options Support (SOS)

What is Safe Options Support (SOS)?

The SOS program is a mobile outreach team designed to provide intensive support for people experiencing homelessness, that will assist them accessing housing.

SOS team utilizes person-centered outreach and engagement approach couples with Critical Time Intervention (CTI)-based Model, a time-limited, evidence-based service that helps vulnerable individuals during periods of transition.

SOS provides intensive support services (for approximately 9-12 months), with initial outreach and engagement pre-housing, that involves multiple visits per week, and provides 90-day transition services following housing placement to ensure integration within the community.

SOS services and support are client-centered and based on client preferences.

Who is Eligible?

Persons in need of intensive intervention due to multiple barriers to accessing housing, who are experiencing homelessness in shelter or living unsheltered (places not meant for human habitation--cars, tents etc.)

People who are receiving Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) or Intensive Mental Treatment (IMT) are NOT eligible for SOS services.

Who can make a referral?

Self or family members

Hospitals and clinics


Law enforcement

Community members or providers

Health Homes

How to make a referral?

1. Complete brief referral packet, here

2. Send package to SOS referral email: 


Call SOS referral line at (631) 464-4314 ext. 170


Fax referral to (631) 464-4319

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