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  • Discounts on conferences and events;

  • “Members Only” Boutique Days and distributions through the Boutique;

  • Access to Bulk Items at Candlelight Vigil

  • Access to free tickets for sporting and other events

  • Acknowledgement of our partnership via our channels


Through your paid membership, you can help us continue to make a difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness in our community. Please take a moment now to join the Coalition and renew your commitment toward ending homelessness on Long Island. Thanks so much for your continued support!

As an LICH Member you are directly supporting our Mission to Reduce Homelessness on Long Island

2019 Annual Review 


Street Outreach and Permanent Housing Placements 

  • Permanent housing placements of over 200 households that were living on the street or in shelter 

Increasing Regional Funding to Address Homelessness

  • Accessed more than $12 million in federal funds on behalf of Long Island agencies to continue permanent housing and housing assessment and placement programs for more than 2,000 people experiencing homeless and that had formerly experienced homelessness on Long Island– including families with children, adults with disabilities, chronically homeless individuals living on the street, victims of domestic violence, veterans, and other households experiencing homelessness on LI


Centralized Access to Services

  • Managed operations of Amityville Community Center, comprised of 14 agencies providing services to those experiencing homelessness and Veterans

  • Provides direct street outreach to those living on the street, with street outreach hotline response

  • Provides mobile case management to those living in shelter

Coordination of Initiatives to End Homelessness, Housing Development, and Training and Support for Programs that Best Meet Local Needs

  • Development Support and Training to operate programs that are most effective based on evidence and meet regional needs, to support those that experience homelessness

  • Led region-wide initiatives to end homelessness on Long Island (Veterans, Chronic Homelessness, Youth)


Enhancing Community Dialogue and Education about Homelessness on Long Island

  • Hosted the 31st Annual “Keys for the Homeless” Conference at Touro Law Center

  • Conducted annual health and information fair: “Have a Heart for the Homeless Candlelight Vigil” to provide access to health screenings and resources, and raise community awareness about the issue of homelessness, in community solidarity, with more than 1,200 in attendance at Farmingdale College

  • Conducts annual homeless count of people living on the street and in shelter

  • Increased overall awareness, community dialogue, understanding and education about those experiencing homelessness on Long Island (community presentations, coordination with hospitals, police, schools, libraries, etc.)


 Support Services and Distribution on Essential Items to those Experiencing Homelessness or at-risk on homelessness on Long Island

  • Collected and distributed over 2,800 pounds of food, baby supplies, formula and toiletries to people living on the street, in emergency shelters or at-risk of homelessness on Long Island

  • Hosted our 12th annual Back Pack Pirates Festival, a summer camp experience for children living in shelter and distributed over 3,500 backpacks with school supplies

  • Distributed winter coats, clothes, shoes housewares and other essential items to over 2,000 people experiencing homelessness or at-risk of homelessness on Long Island

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