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Stocks & Security

Get the most out of your donation!

Donating stocks and securities is not only one of the most tax effective ways to give but the best way to maximize your giving!

When you transfer a securities to the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless you will receive deduction for the full market value and incur no capital gains tax subject to IRS deductible limitations. Perhaps more importantly, your donation will provide long lasting direct support for the thousands of men, women and children in need throughout Long Island.


To identify and guide your gift securely through the transfer process please e-mail Greta Guarton

IRS Notes:

  • To receive the appropriate tax deduction, a receipt from a charity is required for gifts over $250.

  • Security gifts are subject to the IRS deduction limits.

  • A securities charitable value is determined based on the date the security is received in a charities designated account.

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