Long Island Coalition for the Homeless provides a special Distribution Center, a “Boutique”, that gives people in need a chance to come and pick out clothes and other essential items. These clothing options can range from casual to business attire. Using a voucher system, folks receive a “dollar value” up to which they may “spend”. All items are free! “Dollar value” is only used to manage inventory. Clothing is available in all sizes: infant through adult and everything in between. We collect items for the homeless yearround with the help of generous volunteers in the community who host drives for us at their schools, places of business, places of worship, and among friends and family.

Located in the Amityville Community Resource Center the Boutique is open on Monday and Thursday 10am to 3 pm. Veterans and other neighbors-in-need can access new and gently used essential items!​

Items which are given away at the Boutique are all donated by people and organizations in the community. The items include clothing, non-perishable food, new bedding and pillows, personal care and feminine care items, toiletries and much more!

The Boutique directly impacts those experiencing homelessness by:


Access to Resources: Support and connections to other resources that help people exit homelessness or remain housed and improve their overall well-being.

Person-Centered: A safe place where the focus is on the needs and wants of each individual. 

Street Outreach/Meeting People Where They Are At: The LICH Street Outreach Team targets engagement efforts to those living outside that are the most vulnerable, lack support systems and are the least likely to be connected to resources. Many items from the Boutique such as hygiene products, blankets, and warm winter clothing and provided to people directly on the street.

Housing Retention: For many experiencing homelessness, a large factor in the likelihood that they remain housed is based on whether their environment feels like a home. Boutique volunteers work with housing case managers to provide move-in baskets and personal items for their new places, as part of transition case management and community orientation and integration to a new area.


Budgeting/Homeless Prevention: Many Long Islanders unfortunately have to make choices about what bills they are able to pay each month as living expenses continues to rise. Accessing vital resources such as clothing and school supplies can allow households to save money and ensure that they have enough to pay rent and remain housed. 

Community Activism, Dialogue and Awareness: The program engages the community in volunteerism, giving and spreads awareness about the issue of homelessness. Conducting a drive allows for community unity around homelessness and the opportunity to learn how those items impact people in need. 

To learn more about the work being done to address homelessness on Long Island visit 

**Please note the following change to the referral process:**

Due to a recent increase in volume, Boutique Staff have asked that all referrals be submitted via fax only.  If you have any questions feel free to call 631-464-4314 x 122.  Thank you for your understanding, we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

The Boutique is temporarily closed due to the pandemic. Please check back on our website and sign up for our newsletter for updates on our activities and programs. 

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Do you want to refer someone to the Boutique?

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Boutique hours:

Temporarily Closed

600 Albany Ave, Amityville NY 11701


Referrals must be done by an agency, church or services center.


Please fax the referral to LI Coalition at 631-464-4319

Cindy and Sister Joan run the Boutique volunteer team. The volunteers act as "personal shoppers" to assist people in finding the perfect items for their needs. The goal is for people to be able to "shop" with dignity. Volunteers are also responsible for sorting and organizing the donated items. The Boutique is constantly being decorated and updated to fit the season. 

If you are interested in joining our volunteer family, email



Our Community Garden is located at our Community Resource Center and serves the residents of Liberty Village, as well as other veterans in our community of our Garden Club.


During our Garden Club meetings, members decide what to plant and grow while learning about various aspects of organic gardening. The Garden Club welcomes everyone who is interested in gardening to volunteer with us.


The Community Garden program also incorporates the preparation of healthy meals made from organic ingredients. Members learn to cook and enjoy various new dishes.


The garden planning and planting happens Jan-Nov! 

Download are Community Garden Brochure!


  • Attend to the basic gardening by helping to weed, till, harvest and more!

  • Build with basic carpentry to create vertical and raised beds

  • Conduct drives for essentials


Gardens foster a sense of "community" as people come together to interact and work towards a common goal. It also teaches the importance of nature and cultivation. 


People of all ages can acquire and share knowledge related to gardening, cooking, nutrition and health. For children and teenagers it is an opportunity to learn about sustainability while helping veterans grow nutritious, environmentally sound food. 


Gardens help increase biodiversity, recycle local organic materials and reduce fossil fuel use from food transport. The Garden reduces seasonal allergies and asthma. It beautifies our community and restores oxygen into our air! 


Interacting with plants and having access to nature has been shown reduce stress and increase gardeners' sense of wellness and belonging. Gardening requires physical activity and helps improve your overall physical health.​

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