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The Helpline

(631) 464-4314 ext. 118
Connection to resources and support for people experiencing homelessness.

The Helpline is...

A messaging system for people experiencing homelessness to connect with a community support specialist

An "access point" for Coordinated Entry for Nassau and Suffolk counties

The Helpline is not...

A 24/7 hotline

A crisis response line

Direct access to shelter (Emergency shelter can only be accessed through Department of Social Services)

A referral source for permanent housing programs

The Helpline offers...

Peer support

Help with problem solving

Resource navigation

Help with development of a housing plan to exit homelessness

Connection to the Street Outreach team or other community resources for people living unsheltered (on the street or a place not made for human habitation)

Domestic violence support connections provided by The Safe Center of Long Island Hotline: (516) 542-0404

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