• Licensed Master of Social Work (LMSW)

3 Values: 

  • Humility, empathy and equity

Greatest Accomplishment:  

  • So far my greatest accomplishment has been obtaining my Masters of Social Work by the time I was 22 years old. I was never the best student growing up, but I knew by high school I wanted to be a social worker. I worked hard and I did it. 

What are you the most passionate about in regards to ending homelessness?

  • There is no one undeserving of having a home. I want to work to alleviate the barriers clients face in accessing housing, and do so in a way that is person-centered, that respects clients autonomy and self determination. I strive to be a part of a system that works for people, most importantly for people who time and time again have been failed by systems.

Other jobs/Community Work/Affiliations: 

  • Intern for Child Protective Services at Nassau County Department of Social Services, Adelphi School of Social Work Alumni, Stony Brook University Social Welfare Alumni

Medium Term Goals: 

  • Work towards and achieve my Clinical License of Social Work. Grow my social network of like-minded individuals in the field. Be a leader on a team that will end chronic homelessness on Long Island.

Long Term Goals: 

  • Travel the world, work with children by utilizing art and play therapy in a clinical setting, advocate for change (women’s rights, institutional racism, mental health) on the macro level, buy a home and start a family.