Other jobs/Community Work/Affiliations: 

  • Chair of the Economic Development Committee of Brookhaven Unit of the NAACP, President of Greater Gordon Heights Chamber of Commerce and Life Development Coach of EJW Coaching for Life

Medium Term Goals: 

  • My medium-term goal is to have a career that cultivates all my skills and abilities to create the life I deserve while being paid what I am worth.  

Long Term Goals: 

  • To transition into what most call retirement being able to live comfortably in an area I love with great weather, to advocate for fair housing for all in a prominent position that can create change, buy a property in China and meet the man for me.   


  •  BS in Interdisciplinary Studies, NYS Licensed Real Estate Broker & Instructor

3 Values: 

  • ​Equality, Loyalty & Honesty

Greatest Accomplishment:  

  • ​Throughout my life, I have had many milestones that have lent to my confidence like modeling with Vogue and being a runner up in the Miss International Girl pageant, finally telling my story and having my book, Stuff!  the things that no one told you about life after sexual abuse was chosen by RAINN the nations largest anti-sexual violence organization​, owning 2 real estate offices, living and teaching English in China for a year, getting a second chance at life after being in a MVA in 2006 and coaching my community to greatness after experiencing trauma.  It is immeasurable what we can accomplish when we decide on it.  

What are you the most passionate about in regards to ending homelessness?

  • I am most passionate about being in a pivotal role in preventing experiences of homelessness, providing critical informative-based supports to individuals during experiences of homelessness, and equipping people to exit homelessness to stable, affordable housing. I want to make sure I build the strongest possible partnerships between our homelessness services and options leveraging every available resource – public and private; federal, state, and local; targeted and non-targeted assistance – to its fullest to serve the underserved community experiencing homelessness and support their educational successes. I want to be a change agent to put a stopper in the pipeline to prison.