• Master of Social Work, BA in Psychology

3 Values: 

  • Empathy, Respect, Compassion

Greatest Accomplishment:  

  • My greatest accomplishment so far has been my ability to complete my Master’s Degree in Social Work. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I took some time to be with family, work full time and figure out which career path I wanted to take. I am proud that I have been able to figure out which profession I am truly passionate about.

What are you the most passionate about in regards to ending homelessness?

  • I feel that no individual should have to feel like they have no place to go and receive support and advocacy. No individual should have to live in a shelter or on the street for a prolonged amount of time. I work hard to be able to link individuals experiencing homelessness to the right types of services that best fit their needs, while also addressing that individual’s protective factors that will help them succeed in exiting homelessness. Further, it is important to empower each individual’s right to self-determination.

Other jobs/Community Work/Affiliations: 

  • Adelphi School of Social Work Alumni. Past: Intern at Kids First Early Intervention and Advocacy Center, Teaching Assistant at Kumon Math and Reading Programs, Volunteer at All About Spay and Neuter.

Medium Term Goals: 

  • Obtain my License Master of Social Work (LMSW).

Long Term Goals: 

  • Obtain my Clinical License in Social Work, move into an apartment and get married. I would also like to continue to expand my knowledge of the most effective ways to assist the individuals I am working with.