Join the "KEEP THE LIGHT ON" movement to honor the memory of a lost love one while simultaneously helping someone in need.

In the old days, people would leave a light on in the window so that a loved one could find his or her way home. When your loved one has passed on, there is no longer a reason to keep that light on … or is there?

To support the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless’s efforts to help those in need, you can donate something that your loved one would have taken pleasure in donating. It doesn’t have to be expensive or big; it could fill a want or a need. It could commemorate a special occasion or just any old day, but it has to be new.

Here is an example of a donated item and the story behind it:

In effort to impress her husband with her culinary skills, which weren’t exactly top-notch, a woman made his favorite dessert – Tapioca pudding. She didn’t realize that the recipe was for 38 people, so there she was with this vat of pudding!! Because this was a funny memory for both of them, to keep his light on, she donated several boxes of pudding.

Joining the Movement is simple!

You can go either go directly to the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless, located to 600 Albany Ave Amityville NY 11701 or you can contact Lois to work out the details:

  1. Decide on an item to donate

  2. Fill out the light bulb (Use first names only)

  3. Attach it to the item

  4. Donate!

  5. If you choose to, share your story on our Facebook page #keepthelightonLICH

It feels good to donate something “with” your lost one. It keeps their light shining, and it helps others.

~It is our hope that this idea can help those who are dealing with a loss of any kind.~