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Winter Drive

Imagine you are living on a bench during the cold and tough winter months. What woud you need to endure the blistering cold night or day? 


During our winter drive we collect items for the sheltered and unsheltered homeless on Long Island. We need items which are geared toward keeping adults and children warm. Winter coats, hats, mittens, socks are a must! The most important items we need are sleeping bags, large winter clothes, hand and feet warmers. 


The items are handed out to the homeless during our Annual Homeless Count. 

Holiday Toy Drive

You can put a smile on a child's face this holiday season! Organizing your Toy Drive is simple, easy and fun! This drive will really make a difference in the lives of the low-income children and families who need some holiday cheer. The simple gift of a toy will bring hope to children who have been living in poverty.

Candlelight Vigil Drive

Each year the Coalition has it's annual Candlelight Vigil.The Vigil brings together members of the community, folks who wish to raise awareness, and homeless/at risk Long Islanders and agencies who serve them. We collect and distribute new winter coats, new/unused baby items, non-perishable food, cleaning supplies and toiletries to Long Island's homeless and at-risk families.


Last year, over 2,000 Long Islanders participated in this event. The participation of every person who cares will make a difference. Let us show that Long Islanders want to eradicate homelessness and hunger that exist in our affluent society.




Supply our Students Drive/Backpack Pirates

The Long Island Coalition for the Homeless, through a partnership with Holiday Magic and Every Child’s Dream, distributes backpacks and school supplies for more than 5,000 children in need on Long Island.


Check out the impact Supply our Students and Backpack Pirates does for our community!

Follow all of the adventures on the Backpack Pirates facebook!

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