Amityville Community Resource Center

A Brief History

The Amityville Community Resource Center is the former home of the Armed Forces Recruitment and Training Center. This 40,000 square foot building and the 9 acres on which it sits were part of an operational military base and facility until its closure in 2011.  At that time, the process began to transfer the property for its newly intended purposes:  serving homeless persons and veterans.

A local selection committee, comprised of representatives from veteran agencies, the Departments of Social Services and Veterans Services, housing agencies and PHA’s, reviewed proposals for the development of housing on the property.  The committee selected Concern for Independent Living, which maintains 60 units of permanent, affordable housing for 60 veterans and their families on 4.5 acres of the property. 

The Community Resource Center, which is located on a parcel in front of the residential units, was transferred to a subsidiary of the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless.  The Center in Amityville is a major project, which allows us to house 10 organizations serving LI’s homeless and veteran folks in one location. 


Our goal is to provide a location where persons in need can make an appointment and get housing assistance, case management, employment training, counseling and other necessary services all in one visit through various agencies.