Candlelight Vigil

Have a Heart for the Homeless

Tuesday March 17, 2020 (POSTPONED)
Farmingdale State College
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Reports show that there are over 750,000 Americans living on the streets or in emergency shelters. On Long Island, approximately half of the homeless are children. These are Long Island's homeless and impoverished individuals and families.

On March 17th, 2020, the Long Island Coalition for the Homeless will hold its Candlelight Vigil for the Homeless at Farmingdale State College.  Each year, we collect and distribute new winter coats, new/unused baby items, non-perishable food, cleaning supplies and toiletries to Long Island's homeless and at-risk families. Last year, over 2,000 Long Islanders participated in this event. The participation of every person who cares will make a difference. Let us show that Long Islanders want to eradicate homelessness and hunger that exist in our affluent society. 

The Vigil brings together members of the community, folks who wish to raise awareness, and homeless/at risk Long Islanders and agencies who serve them.  In addition to information for persons in need, we will have FREE financial literacy sessions,  haircuts, face painting, story time, and other services available.  In addition, participants will enjoy the music from guest musicians, as well as presentations from local officials.  

An exciting feature of this event is that all items donated will be distributed at the end of the Vigil to those in need and agencies working with them. Refreshments will also be available at no cost to all participants (while supplies last).

What to expect

The Vigil will be taking place on March 17th, 2020, from 12:00pm – 8:00pm at Farmingdale State College.  It will take place in Roosevelt Hall.


Inside, we will have information tables, areas to get a snack or hot coffee or cocoa, and places to hang your banners and meet up with group members.  We’ll also have music!


Outside, we’ll have designated areas for dropping off various items donated through the drives conducted by members of the community.  Agencies working with the homeless will be on hand so that groups can get their donations directly into the hands of those who need them most.  Please bring along a sheet of paper with your (or your group’s) name and address, along with a list of items donated so we can be sure to send you an acknowledgement!


We will also hold a short program outdoors, including our Candle Lighting Ceremony.


Groups are encouraged to bring banners, signs, etc., and/or wear items to represent their groups (group/club/team/school uniforms).  


It will likely be CHILLY OUTSIDE!  Be sure to dress warm, including wearing layers, gloves, hats, scarves, and thick-soled shoes.


In order to show your support for Long Island’s homeless folks, we ask that you wear something RED!  This can be a scarf, hat, gloves, earmuffs, etc.


As a sponsor of this event, you can help us achieve our goal of ending homelessness on Long Island. 

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