The Community Garden

Come Grow with Us!

Our Community Garden is located at our Community Resource Center and serves the residents of Liberty Village, as well as other veterans in our community of our Garden Club.


During our Garden Club meetings, members decide what to plant and grow while learning about various aspects of organic gardening. The Garden Club welcomes everyone who is interested in gardening to volunteer with us.


The Community Garden program also incorporates the preparation of healthy meals made from organic ingredients. Members learn to cook and enjoy various new dishes.


The garden planning and planting happens Jan-Nov! 


Volunteers can help with:

  • Basic Carpentry to help with building veritcal and raised beds

  • Conducting a drive to collect essentials

  • Basic Gardening to help with weeding, tilling, harvesting and more!

  Benefits from the Community Garden 



The Garden fosters a sense of community identity. People come together to interact and work toward a common goal.



People of all ages can acquire and share knowledge related to gardening, cooking, nutrition and health. For children and teenagers it is an opportunity to learn about sustainability while helping veterans grow nutritious, environmentally sound food.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow" -- Audrey Hepburn



Gardens help increase biodiversity, recycle local organic materials and reduce fossil fuel use from food transport. The Garden reduces seasonal allergies and asthma. It beautifies our community and restores oxygen into our air!

Mental & Physical Health:


Interacting with plants and having access to nature has been shown reduce stress and increase gardeners' sense of wellness and belonging. Gardening requires physical activity and helps improve your overall physical health.​


Join us now!